We at Heartland Gazette are passionate about the UP.  We love it here and we love the diversity of people,  The outdoors culture and way of life.  The Hardy people who thrive in the cold harsh winters and cooler summers. The lake is 45 degrees?  Awesome lets go swimming :)  It only snowed 3 feet last night, ya I got it cleared before the sun came up eh!

We play outside all year round, in the snow and in the water, in the forest and on our little mountain tops.


Here at Heartland Gazette we check it out and take pictures and make little stories of everything interesting we can find.  If you have something you like to do that is interesting give us a shout.  We would be glad to see what you are up to.

Please feel free  to email us:  Jo@Heartlandgazette.com   or contact us through Instagram or Messenger (FaceBook)

Yooperland Photography is a subsite of Heartland Gazette.  It is where photos are stored and shared of people doing things in da UP.  If you are looking for a photo of yourself check Yooperland Photography.   You should be able to download your photos there for free.  

Please feel free to contact us for any reason. If you would like a photo taken down simply let us know. 

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